Wednesday, May 28, 2014

False Claims by Search Engine Marketeers, Part 3 of 3

Note: this is the third in a 3-part series to help you wade through unsolicited commercial E-mail messages pertaining to claimed deficiencies in your website's Search Engine Visibility.

5. Myth: "You don't have to change your website to achieve high rankings. Investing in search engine indexing coding of your website is not a good investment compared to funding Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns on search engines."

    Actuality: "Natural" or "organic" ranking derived from carefully crafted search engine indexing code on each page of your site can often achieve excellent rankings.  Pay-Per-Click advertising works even better when the basics are covered.  There is no substitute for skillful writing applied to each page of your website.

6. Myth: "We can promise 'instantaneous' link popularity for your website."

    Actuality: Some search engine marketeers build very large sets of pages from links to artificially inflate link popularity by utilizing domain names which have expired on website directory services such as Yahoo and Open Directory. Some of these are clearly meant to exploit search engines. The purpose of a link is to provide more relevant information to a website visitor and not be an advertisement. Search engines rapidly discover and remove such links from their database and penalize the sites which utilize them. Developing quality links takes months of time to achieve real benefits.
 { Reference:  Search Engine Visibility, 2003 (2nd Ed., 2008) by Shari Thurow, New Riders Publishing, 297 pages. }

At Factor of 4, we provide a highly detailed website statistics report for the websites that we host and from this we can determine:
- Actual traffic by unique visitors.
- How many times and from what websites a site visitor followed a link to get to your site.
- What keyphrases were most frequently used to find your website from a search.

We work with you to create skillfully coded webpages optimized to be visible to the audiences you are trying to reach.

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