Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Domain Name Registration

One of the most common misconceptions clients have when they want to develop a website is they must buy one or more domain names ASAP to get started, and pay the least possible price. It is really important to understand a Domain Name is really only "leased" for a period of 1 year at a time or more, it is never really "owned".

Secondly if you do buy a domain name from one of the many heavily advertised domain name registrars, make sure you stay in touch with them, even if you chose auto-renew with your credit card on file. If the card's expiration date is reached and the auto-renew system tries to make a charge on it- you still will have to be alerted to that fact it expired and then give them an updated card. Often the registrar fails to successfully contact you by email, and so "your" domain name is then placed on the open market in an auction of expired domain names. Some registrars then charge fees of 120- 180$ to you to get it back.

Third, make sure you pay the extra fees for "whois privacy" so that your name, email address, and postal address information is not publically displayed in the Whois Database of Domain Name registrations. This will prevent a flood of email spam from spammers who harvest email addresses from the public database. Our domain name registrations include privacy protection for no extra cost.

Contact us if you would like consultation on how to choose a good domain name that fits your company and works with Search Engine Optimization to bring more traffic to your site. We can immediately register the best choice of names for you as we are an official Domain Name Registrar ourselves. We also can watch over your domain names and make sure they never expire without a warning! Domain Name "anxiety" is a thing of the past for our clients.