Saturday, March 15, 2014

False Claims by Search Engine Marketeers, Part 1 of 3

Note: this is the first in a 3-part series to help you wade through unsolicited commercial E-mail messages pertaining to claimed deficiencies in your website's Search Engine Visibility.

1. Myth: "We can get your website on the first page of Google." 

    Actuality: The goal of search engine optimization is to make a website easy to find from search engines: over time, with consistent, qualified traffic. Search engine marketeers who purchase domain names, cross-link lists of hundreds of sites in a short-term attempt to raise rankings actually will penalize the search engine rankings of your website in the long run.

2. Myth: "Our free search engine report shows that your website is not ranked high at all."

    Actuality: The report they present for free is usually based on a few very general keyword phrases or a set of keywords that is not important your industry or specialty. The website statistics report from your web hosting provider is the hard data which shows what the actual traffic is, and for what key phrases.  If your website is new or has undergone a redesign, it can take from two to six weeks for search engines to re-index the site.

 { Reference:  Search Engine Visibility, 2003 (2nd Ed., 2008) by Shari Thurow, New Riders Publishing, 297 pages. }

At Factor of 4, we provide a highly detailed website statistics report for the websites that we host and from this we can determine:
- Actual traffic by unique visitors.
- How many times and from what websites a site visitor followed a link to get to your site.
- What keyphrases were most frequently used to find your website from a search.

We work with you to create skillfully coded webpages optimized to be visible to the audiences you are trying to reach.

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